HFC Testimonials

HFC Testimonials

"Home Funding Corporation's (HFC) staff makes all the difference in order to close more loans faster than most of our competitors in our industry. Most of the staff has been employed at HFC for over a decade, thereby, the experience of our staff directly translates into an efficiency that is unmatched!"  J DO of US Mortgage Solutions - HFC Client

"Having been with the same company for many years, I was a bit apprehensive when it came to making the switch to HFC. Having been here 7 months now, I can tell you that it was the change I was looking for. Everyone from the owner himself to the receptionist made me feel at home and most importantly… valued. The processing staff is top notch. They really do look out for your loans and provide professional guidance when it comes to structuring challenging loans. Karren is not only a great recruiter, but an excellent motivator with a gift for marketing. For me, HFC is the perfect blend of independence coupled with a rock solid, reputable lender." 

Andres Monsalve -HFC Branch Manager, Los Angeles CA

"I have been a Loan Originator since 1995 and have worked with many different companies. In May of 2010 I joined Home Funding Corporation and I am very happy to work here. They have excellent support! Our processing department makes sure that file is ready for underwriting and loan approval. Having processing, underwriting and funding in the same building gives me the opportunity to close loans faster. Also, working with Realtors, it is very important to have an answer right away if you can do the loan or not, not two or three weeks after you open escrow."

Ofelia Prieto - HFC Loan Originator

"This note is directed to all Originators who are interested in being a part of making the American Dream of owning a home come true and at the same time make great income. I am fortunate to work at Home Funding Corp. because they have a great staff. This helps me because I can go out into the field and Originate and I know my loans are going to be processed and closed by professionals. What makes HFC stand out from the rest is that when I originate a lead and am not certain if I can fund this loan, I go straight to the Processor for help. If the Processor is not sure, she will send us to one of our Underwriters who are also in the same building and we will get the answer. Knowing if we can do the loan or not, within a short frame of time, I feel is our biggest asset. Home Funding Corp. is big enough to fund your loans, but not too big to forget that our Borrowers/Buyers are the most important component of our company." 

Maria Perez - HFC Loan Originator

"With a 20-year history in funding Residential Home Loans an Industry Leader and entrepreneurial company, Home Funding is growing at a time when other lenders are shrinking and closing up shop. Their business model was formed during a challenging market, so they know what it takes to meet customer needs during these tough times. Home Funding is committed to becoming one of the nation’s leading residential lenders. I have been with this company on and off for 15 years, this is a company that you can build your family around and a company that will be here tomorrow. Home Funding Corp. is the pillar of success."
Arthur C - Business Development

"What I enjoy most about Home Funding it’s a Christian base company there morals and values reflect on their overall Customer Service and employee appreciation."
Stacey Key - HFC Processor

"I have been a Realtor for over 18 years, The last 4 or 5 years it has been almost impossible to get any of my Buyers approved for a home loan. Many of the Loan officers I sent my Buyers to, for prequalification simply did not even take the time to contact the buyers, to communicate with them and get a proper evaluation of there over all financial situation and credit evaluation. So, when a member of my family needed to refinance her home and get a lower interest rate, I did not hesitate to contact my HFC Loan Officer. An appointment was scheduled for them to meet over the weekend. Within 2 days of receiving the necessary documentation, the file was being processed for approval. Within days my Niece was APPROVED.! Yes approved. By the end of the month the file was closed. WOW!! I too was impressed. As a Realtor, I need that type of customer service to keep my pipeline moving, and my Buyers Happy. I would recommend Home Funding Corp., every day all day long. I am very happy with their outstanding customer service, I am lucky to be part of their team, I will continue to refer my Buyers to them."  Ruby Perera - Platinum Real Estate Group

"I have been a lending professional since 1982 and have worked for many companies in 31 years. I am always striving to give the most professional service to my clients and Real Estate Agents. At Home Funding Corporation, I can exceed their expectations. Whether it's a refinance or a purchase transaction, I can close in 16 days or less. My clients and agents are pleasantly surprised at the speed in which we can close their loans! Our staff here at Home Funding Corp are seasoned, experienced, and very helpful. This makes for a very smooth transaction, which makes for very happy clients. I am very happy to be a part of the Home Funding Corp Team!"

Mary C Burton-Diaz-HFC Loan Originator

"I just want to thank Teresa for running my credit reports and getting my disclosure in minutes ! And the REST of YOU girls... I want to let you know that I really .. really... appreciate your time and effort on the closing of my files... I know they are challenging but NOT IMPOSSIBLE! I WARNED Arthur and John that my buyers are very special and I work very very hard to try to walk them through the process... of course they always end up doing the opposite :) Thank you for being such a great TEAM!" Gloria Rosaldo - NMLS# 242744

" Home Funding Corp has delivered in every aspect of what they have said they would do. John has really created a swift and accommodating loan process. The processing is outstanding, the support is constant and funding a loan has never been easier. Coming from brokers and other direct lenders that promise everything and deliver nothing, HFC is a breath of fresh air. I wouldn’t house my loans anywhere else. Barry Bauer Hill; Branch Manager l Home Funding CorpSanta Rosa Office